PalmSource, maker of the Palm OS handheld operating system has released a new Web browser to manufacturers that is specifically tuned for Palm OS Version 5.

Device makers that license Palm OS, including Palm Inc, Handspring, and Sony, have yet to release hardware running version 5 of the operating system. When they do, they will have the option to include the new browser software, which adds support for new industry standards, according to director of product marketing at PalmSource David Creemer.

Palm OS 5 is the first operating system from the California-based company designed to run on devices that use a variety of chips based on ARM's core design. That new architecture is designed to improve the speed of Palm OS-powered devices.

Browser source PalmSource, in March, released its own Web browser software, which was made available to users of several Palm handhelds, including its i705 wireless model.

The new browser, which the company said improves on the original design, was built in conjunction with Japanese software maker Access, and is based on that company's Netfront Browser version 3.0 software.

The Palm OS 5 version of the browser has additional support for a number of Internet standards, including HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) 4.01, cHTML (Compact HTML) and Dynamic HTML.

The result is that when a user accesses a Web site, "what you see is essentially a clone of what you would expect to see on the desktop", Creemer said.