Palm Computing has released an upgraded Mac compatibility software package. Existing Mac and Palm users can upgrade directly from the Web. The software lets you connect your Palm organizer to Apple's Power Macs.

Revised to version 2.5, Palm has added several new features, including:

Drag-&-drop installation for handheld applications. This is now accessible through the Instant Palm Desktop menu. Drag-&-drop is also supported for the installation of third-party synchronization channels.

USB compatibility - Palm now offers a PalmConnect USB Kit.

Many other useful features appear within this upgrade to the Macintosh connectivity suite. In order to use this effectively you'll need a HotSync cradle, Mac OS 7.5.3 or later, one serial or USB port, 20MB hard drive space and 6MB of RAM.

In related news Palm has reduced UK pricing across the range of its models. The Palm V has dropped from £349.99 to £229.99. The Palm IIIx0 is now £229.99 from £249.99.

"Our goal is to make handheld computing ubiquitous," stated Anne-Marie Bourcier, marketing director at 3Com. "To do that, we know we need to continue to delight our customers, offering products with the right features at very competitive prices."