Intego has announced VirusBarrier 1.0 for Palm OS handhelds.

This solves the growing problem of viruses on Palm OS devices. It scans the handheld to detect and delete virus infected files. The virus protection software runs on all Palm OS compatible devices, including those from Handspring and IBM.

There are 11 million Palm OS-based handhelds in circulation, and viruses have begun to propagate, especially as the handhelds get connected to the Internet. Intego's solution protects the units from all known viruses, and the company will release updates as new viruses are detected.

Intego CEO Laurent Marteau said: "The virus threat on Palm OS devices is real. As virus writers realize that they have a new playing field, more and more viruses will be discovered."

The solution requires Palm OS 2.0.5 or later, uses 25KB of RAM and costs $14.95 in the US. We will post UK pricing as it becomes available.