Apple and its courier firm of choice TNT has come under further fire for its products-delivery service – this time from a national UK newspaper.

The Sunday Times reports that in recent weeks three members of its staff have "fallen foul of Apple's rotten courier and customer services".

The revelation follows Macworld's report that Apple and its customers have experienced problems with TNT.

While TNT is blamed for the delivery problems the newspaper also criticises Apple for not handling the matter appropriately.

It cites one example whereby an iMac had been purchased from the online Apple Store: "What actually turned up from the courier was a completely different computer, with someone else’s name and address on the box. TNT, the courier, arranged to deliver the right computer the next day, and simultaneously recovered the wrong box.

"Two weeks later TNT asked to come back and pick up the wrong box again. In a saga that belongs more in the realm of bad sitcoms than real life Apple didn’t seem too bothered. It refused to supply a phone number so its victim could discuss the matter with a real person.

"Its loyal customer was eventually left in little doubt that someone, somewhere thought he had actually hung on to the very computer that had been picked up from his home weeks before."

The report concludes: "You deal with Apple, I regret to say, at your peril."