Where other than the US would parents sue friends over a lost iPod nano?

Melanie McCarthy, mother of Shannon Derrik, 14, who has a missing iPod, is suing Stephanie Eick's parents for between $335 and $475, depending on conflicting reports.

Circuit Court Judge Dorothy French dismissed the complaint on a request by the defendant because of a technical issue, but McCarthy re-filed an amended complaint and both parties will return to court on 21 September.

Outside of the courtroom McCarthy said she was surprised the case has gone so far but was willing to settle for a fair amount, but Stephanie's parents had yet to make a fair offer.

"Eick states a refurbished iPod can be purchased for $45," McCarthy said in a letter to the local newspaper. "Shannon's iPod was only two weeks old and had a new pink leather carrying case and $50 worth of iTunes," writes Arstechnica.