Apple has filed a patent that may hint that the company is developing a home entertainment device.

The patent is for "a method of controlling transmission of data from a computer to a video client via an interface device".

Macsimum News suggests that this could have something to do with a home entertainment device because it refers to refresh rates. "The way it refers to refresh rates brings to mind HDTV systems and CRTs, which already have set refresh rates. The biggest problem in transmitting video is that it requires a lot more info to be transmitted, hence the audio/video latency," states the report.

Latent patents

Think Secret has also identified a number of patents recently granted to Apple.

These include: A "method and apparatus for accelerating detection of speed code signals, and in particular S400 signals, for IEEE Standard 1394-1995 serial bus devices;"

An "ornamental design for a user interface for computer display" –the image suggests it covers elements of the iDVD interface;

A "magnetic securing system for a detachable input device" – so that the keyboard can be easily removed for access to RAM and AirPort slots inside an Apple laptop;

A "method and apparatus for preventing loops in a full-duplex bus";

"Methods and apparatus for spreading and concentrating information to constant-weight encode of data words on a parallel data line bus while allowing communication of information across sub-word paths;"

A "computer mouse having side areas to maintain a depressed button position" – the current optical mouse;

"Methods and apparatuses for performing gamma corrections to maintain a plurality of colors substantially consistent with a color point";

A "universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system" – probably regarding Spotlight, and filed in 2000;

A "pipelining cache-coherence operations in a shared-memory multiprocessing system";

"A user interface for presenting media information," – the QuickTime Player user interface;

And, finally, a "method and apparatus for image acquisition, organization, manipulation, and publication" – iPhoto.