Two additional US television networks have confirmed plans to release shows online: Fox and the US Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

Fox has signed a six-year revenue-sharing deal with its 187 US affiliates that means it will be able to show 60 per cent of its prime-time TV shows the day after they get aired on TV. Affiliates will take a 12.5 per cent split of the profits, Reuters explains.

PBS is also looking to make similar plans and is seeking technology partnerships to do so, according to network CEO Paula Kerger.

Speaking at a Media Institute lunch, Kerger said: "My goal in running PBS is that, no matter what choice consumers in the digital age decide to do, we recognise the need to make content available to any of those platforms, and right now we're moving in that direction."

As it's a public service broadcaster, PBS lacks the funding to put such moves in place, she explained: "We will probably look into partnerships," she said, adding that her company hopes to experiment with new models before committing itself to any single direction.