Wintel PCs beat Macs during a limited like-for-like test on Five's The Gadget Show last night.

"It's PC versus Mac and the world is waiting for the result," claimed presenter Suzi Perry as the programme began. The show explained the rivalry between the platforms, including discussion as to who invented the user interface.

A Power Mac G5 battled it out with a purpose-built Chill Blast PC (later offered as a star prize), losing out in speed tests involving gaming and Photoshop filters.

However Macs scored highly in ease of use.

"Buying A Mac is easy," claimed presenter Jason Bradbury, explaining just three basic models: eMac, iMac and Power Mac G5. He added that buying a PC was "mind-bending".

Vivian, a typical shopper, was shown setting up an eMac in seven and a half minutes straight from the box, getting online easily after just 17 minutes.

The PC proved more complicated, with a wealth of packaging to wade through, cables, licence agreements and an AOL connection that failed – finally getting online after 28 minutes. Vivian said: "For me, Macs win hands-down. They look kind of sexy too".

Later in the show Bradbury dropped both a G4 and PC from a balcony. Both suffered damage to their motherboards. The PC proved the easier of the two to repair.

The programme promised a "proper test" but time limitations and superficial comparisons (no mention of viruses, Trojans and diallers plaguing Windows-based computers) prevented this.

The Gadget Show is repeated on Wednesday morning at 9.30am and Friday evening at 11.30pm on five.