Mac users are often left to fend for themselves by PC-focused tech support teams, a survey claims.

A recent survey designed to investigate the backup habits of computer users discovered that Mac users are often forced to do it themselves. The survey commissioned by cross-platform networking specialists JPY, showed Mac users falling through the cracks in the data backup strategies of big businesses. JPY produces automated backup software solution PressStore.

Windows users were found to enjoy full support from the IT department, receiving access to networked and automated backups (55 per cent); however, for Mac users the most used method of backup was manually archiving to CD or DVD (45.5 per cent). Ten per cent of Mac users surveyed use online storage and/or will email important documents.

While being self-sufficient in finding backup solutions, Mac users were also found to be much more handy in a crisis. Most Windows users went running to the IT department for help if any work was lost (56.8 per cent). Mac users that had backed up simply fired up their single-user backup software, or grabbed the files from a CD/DVD archive (82.9 per cent).

Habits differ too. While PC users saved documents, applications and system software to a server, Mac users preferred to find a local backup solution.

JPY managing director John Yardley, said: "The fact that Macs are treated as second class citizens on larger corporate networks is no surprise to us. There are few cross-platform solutions for networked backup or archiving".

"It is a testament to the ingenuity of Mac users that they don't backup any less than other platforms, but without the professional tools they deserve. The award winning Archiware PresStore offers a solution for networked backup for all platforms, and all platforms are treated equally."