Apple is insisting that users of its One to One service install Safari and use a Mac or an iPad to register.

Access the service through Firefox or another alternative browser, and the user is asked to install Safari.

Given that Apple has stopped supporting Safari on the PC, we wondered what message would great PC users. On a PC users are asked to use a Mac or an iPad to use the service. While the service is aimed at Mac owners it seems most relevant to those new to a Mac, who may still be using a PC while they receive Apple’s basic training on using a Mac.

The One to One membership offers users help with setting up email, transferring photos, music and other files, and shows users how to keep everything in sync with iCloud. Apple also provides what it describes as a “curriculum tailored to your goals, learning style and experience level”.

It costs £79 a year and is only available when you buy a new Mac from the Apple retail store or Apple online store.

Via Gizmodo

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