Apple Financial Services is working with PC Again to offer a Mac trade-in program, the Great Upgrade.

PC Again is a large IT recycling company. The Great Upgrade offer's only available to business customers at present.

To take part, customers must reveal the systems they want to upgrade and let PC Again know what they want. The company values and collects the legacy kit, and Apple Financial Services then leases new Macs through an Apple Authorised Reseller.

The scheme's also future proof – businesses get the systems they need on a payment plan, the company claims. If a business needs to upgrade its equipment again during the period of the finance deal, Apple Financial Services can arrange a "flexible" add-on/upgrade plan (Technology Refresh) that lets a business upgrade to new equipment at any point in the term, with no increase in the existing rental cost.

All costs relating to the purchase can be covered, including software, training and support. Applications can be made online.