Apple has been declared PC World's 'Hardware Company of the Year' 2006.

Apple products also took five out of one hundred products declared the best released in the last 12 months.

PC World writes: "With a huge research and development budget and a single-minded despot running the show, Apple once again introduced products that made everyone else look bad," it offers a run-down on Apple's award-winners this year.

"We continue to hope that some of the Cupertino crowd's design ideas will trickle down to the rest of the tech industry," the report concludes.

Intel's Core Duo processor also made the list at number one, while the iPod nano made it to number four. The Mac mini reached number 35, while the video-enabled iPod stole the number 36 slot.

Boot Camp was the tenth place best product, while the iTunes Music Store took 43rd place.