BIAS announced Peak 4 yesterday at US broadcasters event, NAB 2003.

The application will be Mac OS X only, and introduces support for Apple's Audio Unit plug-in architecture

Apple already provides several OSC X Audio Unit plug-ins, including Bandpass and Delay. These features are accessible from within audio applications that support Audio Units, including Peak 4. The application also lets users mix both VST and Audio Units plug-ins.

Peak 4 supports multiple processors, and offers a selection of new Digital Signal Processing tools. BIAS has revised its user interface to be more "user friendly", it said.

Interface enhancements include allowing Contents Window elements to be accessed from audio document drawers. Naming markers, loops and regions from within drawers automatically update the audio document.

The drawer also includes live, cursor location information. The contents of the Cursor Palette window have also been relocated. Cursor mode buttons such as the Selection Tool, Magnifying Glass, and Pencil Tool are now located in the top-right of the audio document window. The Toolbar and its buttons can be resized.

Peak 4's built-in Digital Signal Processing tools have been improved to include a new convolution-based sampling reverb algorithm, which uses a library of impulse responses and supports real-time preview. It's also possible to create and import impulse responses.

It also includes a new Bit Usage display, and Squeeze, a compressor/limiter VST plug-in. Better control over DSP functions is included. For instance, dynamic-envelope control has been added to the Time Compression/Expansion, Add, and Mix functions.

A number of other enhancements include: importing and auditioning of sub-segments from audio CD tracks; QuickTime movie looping; QuickTime movie playback during recording for dialog replacement' a Markers From Tempo feature; and an audition option in the Open File dialog.

Peak 4 will ship in the second quarter of the year with a suggested retail price of $499. UK pricing is not yet available.