Games publisher Aspyr Media has bowed to popular demand and is to bring The Sims to the Mac.

The Sims, launched in February by Maxis, the creators of SimCity, is a hugely popular PC game. It has sold more than a million copies. The game will now be ported to the Mac platform by Westlake Interactive.

The game is a "people simulator" where players get to follow and control the lives of the individual city-dwellers - deciding on their careers, love-lives, personality, appearance, and so on.

The decision to port to the Mac will have pleased Westlake Interactive. Almost a year ago at Macworld Expo in New York, Macworld asked the founders Mark and Suellen Adams which game they would most like to bring to the Mac, and the answer was "The Sims".

The game can be pre-ordered for $49.95 from Aspyr's Web site, although no release date has been announced.