Corel has released two new Mac OS X 10.1 applications, CorelDraw 10 and Corel Photo-Paint 10.

Corel Photo-Paint 10 is the first professional image-editing application for OS X according to Corel. It offers photo editing, image composition, and painting capabilities. The app is compatible with all Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-ins, including procreate KPT effects and procreate KnockOut 2.

CorelDraw 10 is a vector-illustration and page-layout application. It offers a range of creation tools, vector and raster image effects, high-end output features and exceptional Web capabilities.

Ian LeGrow, executive vice-president of creative products at Corel said: "As a leading developer of graphic applications for OS X, we are particularly excited to be the first to provide creative users with professional image-editing technology to leverage the strengths of Apple's new operating system.

"We know that professional designers require the flexibility to create their own work environment and personally select the tools that best suit their workflow. By offering CorelDraw 10 and Corel Photo-Paint 10 as standalone applications for the Mac we are tailoring our products for their needs."

CorelDraw 10 is priced at £299 and costs £129 to upgrade. PhotoPaint is £209 and the upgrade price is £119.