Epson has launched an advanced multimedia storage system for photographers, the P-5000.

The 80GB device hosts a 4-inch colour LCD screen for viewing images. It supports both JPEG and Camera RAW image formats (the latter for cameras from most major manufacturers). Epson promises up to three hours of continuous slide show viewing on one battery charge.

The screen is equipped with what the company claims to be the world's first four-colour filter system. This makes for an increased colour gamut and good image quality.

"Epson's Photo Fine Ultra screen uses red, blue, emerald green and yellow green, which enables colours to be reproduced at a more natural level," the company explains. The device offers a colour gamut of 16.7 million colours.

Images can be despatched to the device simply by plugging a camera's memory card into on of the two slots (CompactFlash and SD). Images can also be transferred using USB 2.0. The P-5000 lets users transfer its hosted images to external hard drives and print directly to any Epson USB compatible printer.

Additional features include: up to 400 per cent zoom; a thumbnail-based image browser system; the capacity to rate images using a five-star rating; and support for accessing the associated metadata relevant to an image.

The solution also supports the xvYCC colour space for video. It also supports the MP3, AAC, WMA formats for music and DiVX, MPEG 1/2/4, AVC, WMV9 and Motion JPEG formats for movies.

The P-5000 ships in October. It costs £500.