Adobe Photoshop 6 - described by Adobe as one of the most exciting releases to come out of the company in years - has recently turned Beta, according to Web reports.

The new version, code-named Venus in Furs, will be bundled with a new version of Adobe ImageReady, according to an AppleInsider story. Some of the new features of ImageReady will be close integration with GoLive, simpler rollover creation, advanced slicing controls and a new image map tool.

Photoshop 6 will reportedly have a new context-sensitive dockable toolbar, that gives access to boolean operations. It also has a built-in Brushes palette and a new palette "well" for storing palette tabs.

Version 6 boasts unlimited layers, and a new "Layer set" feature whereby layers can be locked or colour-coded. It also boasts Layer Styles with new compositing and effects capabilities. Other features include comprehensive PDF workflow, a new "Liquify" command for interactive image warping, new shape drawing tools and full support for on-canvas text-editing with customizable word-wrapping.