Adobe is preparing a raft of major product releases for the fourth quarter 2003, claims CNet.

Citing investment bank analyst Gene Munster of USB Piper Jaffrey the report claims Adobe will deliver Photoshop 8.0 between November and December.

The analyst upgraded his assessment of Adobe stock in response, from "outperform" to "strong buy". He said: "Over the last several days we have spoken with six Photoshop certified trainers regarding timing of the Photoshop 8.0 release. All six expect shipments between November and December."

Adobe has been aggressive in protecting details of its new product, the report claims, adding: "Comments from testers indicate that new features include a revamped file browser and overhauled tools for using layers to alter images."

The analyst expects other Adobe products will also be updated at that time, including Illustrator and InDesign.

Adobe shares rose 4.66 per cent to $33.26, following the analyst's announcement.