Ben Long has released Photoshop Action Pack 3, a collection of Automator Actions for Photoshop CS and CS2.

The collection includes 85 separate actions, including automated Raw file processing actions.

Automator ships with every copy of OS X 10.4, and allows users to construct automation routines by dragging and dropping Actions together to create a workflow. However, users must install application-specific Actions to enable Automator to control a specific software package. The Photoshop Action Pack provides everything you need to control all of Photoshop's major functions from within Automator.

The new collection includes 11 additional actions including Add Empty Adjustment Layer, Add Graphic Watermark, Channel Mixer, Duplicate Current Layer, Photo Filter, Resize to File Size, Exposure and Reduce Noise. Many new features have been added to existing actions.

The collection now opens any of Photoshop's Camera Raw formats, and will automatically use the associated Camera Raw metadata for its conversions.

Finally, the update includes numerous bug fixes, most notably the ability to handle file names with international characters.

Photoshop Action Pack is free but "donations are still greedily accepted," said Long.