Adobe plans to release Photoshop for Mac OS X in the second quarter 2002, Adobe CEO, Bruce Chizen has revealed.

Chizen also confirmed that Adobe plans to implement OS X support across its product line. "Many are waiting for Photoshop, which we intend to release in the second quarter of next year."

The CEO also discussed Adobe's recent purchase of DVD-authoring solutions provider, Sonic Solutions.

Asked by Cnet if Adobe plans to develop products for the Mac based on Sonic's products, Chizen remarked: "We haven't decided yet. It's something we're still evaluating. The challenge on the Mac is that it would be competing against Apple with their DVD Pro solution. If we believe they will have an unfair advantage, then we will probably choose not to compete against them."

Adobe's Premiere 6.0 already compete with Apple's Final Cut Pro in the video-editing space - it's the only contentious issue between the two companies, who otherwise enjoy a close partnership.