Adobe has released details of the After Effects 5.5 Plug-in Power Pack.

The Pack supports Mac OS X, and includes sixteen new effects for video-professionals. It also introduces advanced Windows Media support – video-editors can output projects in the Windows Media multimedia format.

Additions include the Calculations, 3D Glasses, Magnify, and Turbulent Displacement plug-ins.

3D Glasses combines left and right 3D views for stereoscopic viewing. Magnify can scale an image (or part of an image) beyond 100 per cent while maintaining resolution. Turbulent Displacement uses fractal noise to create distortions such as flowing water or waving flags.

Arresting developments in colour Additional enhancements include new ways of handling colour. Paint Bucket is a non-destructive paint tool that can be used to fill selected areas with solid colour, while Channel Combiner lets users extract and view channels in new ways. Moving shapes and colours between layers has also been made easier with the new ColorLink feature.

The collection also adds new ways of handling noise and shadows in video projects: Noise Alpha adds various types of uniform or squared noise to the alpha channel of a source layer; while Noise HLS simulates film grain, adding noise to still- or moving-footage.

The After Effects 5.5 Plug-In Power Pack will ship in May, costing $25.