Cakewalk has announced Cakewalk Metro SE, for iMacs. The package costs $29.95, and is available from January 15 as a download from Cakewalk's Web site.

Metro SE is a stripped-down version of Cakewalk’s Metro 5 professional recording package. SE lets iMacs record and mix music, without the need for expensive software and hardware.

Metro SE supports Apple Sound Manager, external USB devices, and QuickTime musical instruments. It lets you create your own digital audio and MIDI tracks and can be expanded with additional audio and MIDI hardware.

Other features include a 32 digital-audio and MIDI track capacity in each project file. You can play back up to four digital-audio tracks simultaneously, and support up to four simultaneous real-time audio effects. The package includes reverb, parametric EQ and delay, and supports VST and Adobe Premiere audio plug-ins. It also includes real-time mixing and effects automation.