The UK iTunes Music Store has made new tracks available through its site, and the Live 8 single featuring U2 and Paul McCartney's performance of 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" remains at number one.

Following what most observers regard as a "phenomenal performance" at Live 8, legendary UK act, Pink Floyd, are seeing a massive reawakening of interest in their art - and the band has pledged to give any extra cash generated by sales as a result of the performance to Live 8 as well.

After a twenty-year dispute, the band reformed solely to help promote the issues raised by Live 8. There has been no indication at this point to suggest the band will perform live again.

Pink Floyd's royalties promise

Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour told Sky that the main objective of the band's performance was to "raise consciousness and put pressure on the G8 leaders". He added that he "would not profit" from the concert, encouraging the G8 leaders to "tick the right three boxes".

"If other artists feel like donating their extra royalties to charity, perhaps then the record companies could be persuaded to make a similar gesture and that would be a bonus," he urged.

HMV has confirmed that the band's 'Echoes' album saw a 1,343 per cent increase in sales on Sunday when compared to the same day one week ago.

Music lovers interest clear

This resurgence of interest has been emulated on iTunes in the UK. Immediately following Pink Floyd's performance a flurry of buying activity clearly took place, with single tracks and albums by the band flying up the charts.

iTunes top 100 song sales list currently features no less than five Pink Floyd tracks: 'Wish You Were Here' at number 7; "Comfortably Numb" at number ten; "Another Brick in the Wall, part 2" at number 53; "Money" at 75; and "Breathe" at 86.

The band - whose album 'Dark Side of the Moon' has been in the US Top 200 sales chart for 741 weeks since 1973 - also sees reignited interest on the iTunes album sales charts.

The sadly-missed act now boasts six of the top 100-selling albums on iTunes: 'The Wall' is at number nine; 'Dark Side of the Moon' at 11 (and again at 27); 'Wish You were Here' at number 14 (and 95, in a different version); and live album 'Pulse' at 37.

The existence of an immediate visual way consumers can witness such patterns is proof positive too of the validity of digital music services and their relevance to music-buying habits.

Sergeant Pepper storms charts

As previously reported, the Paul McCartney/U2 version of 'Sergeant Pepper' was made available as a digital exclusive through 200 online music services worldwide within just one hour of its performance last Saturday.

The track has also stormed into the number one slot on iTunes Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium stores. Proceeds from this sale will be donated to Live 8.

iTunes Single of the Week

Apple has made single, 'When You're Older' by Kate Earl available as this week's single of the week. It's described as a "catchy and warm pop treat"

Meanwhile, Live 8 is appealing for signatures to a petition which will be presented to eight world leaders on July 6.