Pinnacle Systems is shipping CinéWave Classic, a low-cost, uncompressed video system for video editors using Final Cut Pro.

The company has also begun shipping CinéAcquire, a video-capture/device-control application and plug-in for Adobe After Effects and Pinnacle’s Commotion Pro.

CinéWave Classic is a tool to deliver uncompressed video for use in QuickTime-native applications. The solution ships with a CinéWave Input/Output breakout box, which includes a 10-bit SDI (Serial Digital Interface) Pro Digital breakout box, the CineAquire application, and a plug-in module.

Video-capture CinéAcquire expands video-graphics design capability of any CinéWave-equipped Power Mac G4. It does this by providing direct, frame accurate, machine control for video-capture and record-to-tape. It enables frame grabs and batch captures with complete deck- and device-control in broadcast-quality video-formats, including HD (High-Definition).

CinéAcquire’s features include: HD support; FireWire deck- and device-control; frame- capture with timecode; import and export of Final Cut Pro data; and tab-delimited batch lists and record-to-tape functions. It also includes the Pipeline Digital RS-422 device-control cable for connection to video tape recorders and other external devices.

CinéWave Classic costs £3,995, and includes the Pro Digital (SDI) breakout box. CinéAcquire ships with all CinéWave systems; it costs £149 on its own. Prices exclude VAT.