Apple will deliver two "innovative" software products next year, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Jobs said the products would allow "consumers to do things that they cannot do on other platforms".

The full version of Mac OS X will also launch next year and it's key to the company's future, according to Jobs.

Advantage Jobs said that, because Apple develops hardware, software and operating systems, the company is able to launch initiatives, innovate and explore new developments faster than other computer firms. He added: "We don't need to get six companies together in a room to develop a three-year plan."

Jobs revealed that Apple has sold over 60,000 copies of the Mac OS X Public Beta, and that it's shifting 5,000 copies each day. Feedback on the new OS was described as "overwhelmingly positive", though Apple has a team evaluating and responding to concerns raised by the volunteer beta-testers.

He claims: "No OS transition can be painless, but things are looking very, very good."