Apple's anticipated iTunes phone seems set to secure sales, a recent survey says.

Piper Jaffray yesterday revealed findings sufficient to make analysts there repeat the $52 per share target price they hold on Apple, citing a survey of 200 people which showed strong interest in the device, which is expected to be revealed today.

The survey showed 18 per cent of the sample group to be "interested" in the iTunes phone, and the findings led the analysts to conclude Apple's foray in the huge mobile-phone market will bear fruit.

Market share to keep climbing

Forbes reports the analysts said: "If Apple executives are tuned into the strength of the Apple brand, we expect the company's target markets to expand in the years ahead to capitalize on its namesake".

Piper Jaffray also said that if mobile phones do pose a "long-term threat" to Apple's iPod and iTunes, then the company should make its own devices, independently of Motorola.