The New York Post believes Apple/Pixar CEO Steve Jobs "should know better" than to have walked away from negotiations with Disney.

A report published in its online Sunday edition takes a look at his latest initiatives at Apple and at Pixar: "With iTunes music Web site, the hot new iPod mini-digital device from Apple and Pixar's wildly successful animation movie Finding Nemo, you'd almost think that Jobs is becoming something of a media darling."

It then looks at his distinctive management style. "He's proven himself to be an iconoclastic visionary", it says, but warns: "It's that very vision that often clashes with his ability to be corporate management material."

The report then offers a lists of "flops", including the Apple Lisa. Despite being technologically advanced, Jobs "should have learned the best technology doesn't always win market share."

The report then looks at the divorce between Pixar and Disney, and Microsoft's subsequent agreement of a deal with the latter firm that includes Disney licensing Microsoft's DRM technology for devices.

It warns that this may affect Apple's future success in the digital-media space.