Apple/Pixar CEO Steve Jobs told analysts last week that his animation company has become "the most trusted brand in animation", surpassing Disney.

In an article that notes: "The late Walt Disney built his empire with a mouse. The same can be said about Steve Jobs."

The report looks at the convergence of technology and entertainment: "Jobs, 48, finds himself in a unique position as chief of both a trend-setting computer-maker and a leading animation studio. That double duty has given him clout in two industries that have historically been at odds."

"Go back to the early 1990s, and people were talking breathlessly about digital convergence, about Hollywood and Silicon Valley (coming) together. But what's been absolutely fascinating is that Steve Jobs is virtually alone (as someone) who has a deep credibility in Silicon Valley and deep admiration in Hollywood,'' Paul Saffo, director of the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto told the Toronto Star.

"He has more credibility in Hollywood than anyone else (in Silicon Valley), and he earned his chops with Pixar," Saffo said. "It took Steve Jobs to get the trust and credibility in Hollywood to pull that off."

Author Alan Deutschman said: "Disney used to be the golden name in entertainment. (Now) Pixar has the money and the brand name."