Apple CEO Steve Jobs' other succesful company, Pixar, is switching to Mac OS X and G5s, a report claims.

Speaking at an Apple event in New York Wednesday Apple staffer Don Peebles revealed that while Pixar had used Linux and Intel-based systems in 2003, the company is switching to Apple products for its production work, reports MacNN.

The move follows the work Apple and Pixar did developing a feature in Mac OS X 10.3 called 'Pixlet'. Pixlet lets Mac users review high-quality video on the desktop.

Apple describes the jointly developed technology as: "The first studio-grade codec for filmmakers. Pixlet provides 20-25:1 compression, allowing a 75MB/sec series of frames to be delivered in a 3MB/sec movie, similar to digital-video data rates. Pixlet lets high-end digital film frames play in real-time with any 1GHz G4 or better Panther Mac, without investing in costly, proprietary hardware."

No confirmation of MacNN's report has yet been received.