Pixar Animation Studios will launch RenderMan for Maya in Europe at a special event at Apple's London retail store on June 2.

RenderMan is an in-house application used at the award-winning animation studios to create world class movies. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is also CEO of Pixar.

Pixar describes RenderMan as: "The compelling new rendering plug-in for Maya artists aspiring to the highest levels of movie-quality rendering available only through Pixar's award-winning RenderMan technology."

It's a brand new product that's been designed to seamlessly integrate into Maya's unified rendering interface for better workflow.

Pixar hopes the software will be adopted by Maya artists who don't need all the features of RenderMan Pro Server but are unwilling to sacrifice visual quality.

RenderMan for Maya is scheduled to ship in summer 2005.

Space at the launch event is very limited, so attendees should pre-register by May 27 for the event, which begins at 6.20pm.