Pixar has released RenderMan Pro Server 11.5.3 for Mac OS X 10.3 and 64-bit platforms – bringing it to Mac OS X for the first time.

Steve Jobs’ other company, Pixar, announced that it was considering bringing RenderMan to Mac OS X at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference last June, and confirmed the plans in September.

RenderMan is one of a series of commercial products aimed at professional 3D animators. It also provides the 3D rendering and animation technology that's used in Pixar's own movies. The company describes the product as: "The highest quality renderer available anywhere."

RenderMan offers a powerful shading language and anti-aliased motion-blur, and includes the latest release of Pixar's RenderMan 11.5, which features technology developed while creating Pixar's Finding Nemo movie.

RenderMan Pro Server costs $3,500 and requires Mac OS X v10.3.1 or higher. UK pricing is to be confirmed. This release supports both the G4 and G5 processors.

As well as Mac OS X, RenderMan is supported on Red Hat Linux, SGI IRIX, SuSE Linux and Windows XP Pro platforms.