Apple CEO Steve Job's other company Pixar Animation Studios is making the switch - to Intel, reports CNet.

The company is replacing its Sun servers with eight new systems from Racksaver containing 1,024 Intel 2.8GHz Xeon processors running Linux.

The report says: "A number of film and entertainment studios in the past year have swapped out Unix computers containing reduced instruction set computer (RISC) processors, like Sun's UltraSparc III, in favour of systems running Linux and chips from Intel or from Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices."

CNet cites Industrial Light and Magic's decision to move to Intel and AMD processors as evidence of the industry move.

The report observes: "The Pixar deal comes amid a spate of shuttle diplomacy taking place between Intel and Apple.

At Macworld in January, Intel President Paul Otellini sat in the front row for Steve Jobs' keynote as a VIP guest of Apple. Jobs also gave Otellini a tour of the show floor. Jobs delivered a keynote at Intel's annual sales conference.