Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be heading for a spat with Walt Disney over animation company Pixar, reports Business Week Online.

Jobs, who is also Pixar's CEO, is reportedly looking for a new deal with Disney or another major motion picture company. Pixar is tied to Disney until 2006, but Jobs wants more money to stay in the loop, the report says. Pixar's for-Disney hits include Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Monsters Inc. Pixar has contributed $682 million in operating income - or 35 per cent - of Disney's studio profits since 1999. Losing that relationship would hurt Disney's bottom-line.

Under what remains of the 12-year deal which ends in 2005, Pixar must deliver three more movies. However, Pixar has the right to begin seeking a better deal following the delivery of forthcoming movie Finding Nemo.

Executives from Warner and Sony are reported to have visited Pixar to help open the doors for such negotiation, with Sony vice-chairman Yair Landau telling Business Week: "Sony would clearly love to be in business with Pixar."

Following the string of Pixar-created hit movie titles, Jobs is thought to want to change the letter of the existing deal. Today, Disney and Pixar share the movie-making costs equally, with Disney taking 12 per cent of gross as a distribution fee, and the remainder split equally between the two firms. Pixar wants more of the pie, Business Week claims.