PiXELS 3D, a 3D modelling and animation software for the Mac, has been updated to Version 3.2. The new version introduces various new features and speed enhancements.

PiXELS 3D is aimed at both professional and novice users, and creates 3D characters, environments and presentations with realistic movements.

Among the professional features in PiXELS 3D 3.2 is the Inverse Kinematics system that lets users draw bones and joints for fluid and releastic movements, and an Organic Modelling feature for modelling primitive objects like clay.

The MorphMaker feature allows for multi-target morphing, by grabbing points on a face and controlling gestures with sliders. Slider groups can be mixed to create different facial expressions.

A new sculpt tool enhances facial expressions and creates smooth landscapes and irregular surfaces.

PiXELS 3D 3.2 is free to registered users and sells for $99. There is also a Studio version for $299 and a Studio Pro version for $499.