Pixologic has unveiled ZBrush version 1.0, a painting application with a 3D-like rendering engine.

The application will be displayed at Macworld Expo, New York and Siggraph, New Orleans. It offers tools common to all painting programs, with the added benefit of a rendering capability. ZBrush can paint, apply material and depth information, add light and object-modelling information and more.

ZBrush can also incorporate 3D objects into a drawing, as well as the selection of "primitive" objects supplied with the application. Objects can also be created and sculpted to shape.

The application uses a Pixel technology called Pixols to retain colour, material and depth information, and has received rave reviews in 3D and design magazines. ZBrush 0.95 is available online now, with version 1.0 promised at Macworld Expo, New York.