London's Playlist Club has revealed its first Far East affiliate in Beijing China, with the Beijing Mac User Group.

The news emerges as Apple actively promotes iPods in China, with iPod advertisements appearing in Beijing's number one shopping street, Wangfujing.

There's four huge hoardings around the side entrances to the Oriental Plaza - a key shopping location.

The Beijing Mac User Group describes Apple's move to advertise on these streets as a "bold and exciting move", and has further images taken from around Beijing on its website.

Playlist connects US, UK, China

The Beijing Mac User Group has also confirmed it will throw a Playlist night in Beijing in "July or August".

In London, digital DJs can attend the next event on June 18, while in the US June 20 sees the next Playlist party in Philadelphia.

Music lovers in Milan, Italy can also get involved in the democratic music revolution, with the first iParty there on June 18 at the Cheval Cafè, inspired by London's Playlist Club.

Newsweek recently described Apple's music player as a "life-changing cultural icon".