Apple's new storage area network (SAN) solution provides the right tools to build its enterprise strategy, the company's server-software boss says.

Apple server software product marketing director Tom Goguen told CIO Today: "The storage strategy is really an outgrowth of what our customers have been calling for. First and foremost is that we wanted to build solutions that meet the needs of the professional video market."

He added: "The Xserve G5 and the Xserve RAID have expanded the opportunities for Apple to sell to markets where it traditionally has not been welcome."

Resellers also believe Apple will make its mark in the enterprise sector. Rosai Group's Ethan Mevi said: "Apple can make a mark in company IT departments as long as it keeps at it with its marketing push of lower total cost of ownership.

"If you look at the Xserve G5 or the RAID solution, they really are super high-quality, easily maintained pieces of equipment. They cost much less then if you outsourced your storage network to IBM or EMC."