Hermstedt has revised its Leonardo Express/Internet Express file-transfer software, introducing a series of plug-ins that let desktop publishers send files from within DTP applications by ISDN or modem.

The solution is custom-built for layout artists facing print deadlines, who need an easy way to get files to print bureaux, for instance. The plug-ins works by connecting the DTP application to Hermstedt's ISDN file-transfer management solution.

Plug-ins for QuarkXPress, InDesign, PageMaker and Vivapress are available. These will send the file, and gather and send all linked files such as placed images. All linked elements are despatched automatically and arrive gathered into a single folder.

Jörg Hermstedt, founder and chairman of Hermstedt said: "Leonardo plug-ins are installed in seconds and enable fast, secure and practical file-transfer."