Microsoft has released three plug-ins for its recently released Office 2001 suite.

The plug-ins include Microsoft Entourage Value-Add Scripts, Microsoft Remove Office Tools and Microsoft Office QuickView. The three free downloads are available from Microsoft's MacTopia Web site.

Entourage Microsoft Entourage Value-Add Scripts contains three AppleScripts for Entourage, Microsoft's beefed-up email and personal-information manager. The Copy Contact's Information script speeds up the process of copying contact names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses to the Clipboard. The Open Contact in Entourage script makes it easy to open a contact by typing part, or all, of a contact's name. The final Entourage script, Swap Work and Home Addresses applet enables Office users to switch between a contact's work and home address.

The second download, Microsoft Remove Office Tools, is a quick-and-easy way to remove Office 98 and Office 2001 applications from a hard drive. The tools move Office components stored in the System Folder to the Trash. Other programs, such as Outlook Express, that also rely on Office components, will also be disabled if the Remove Office Tools are run.

QuickView Microsoft Office QuickView, the third in the set of free downloads from the company, will provide single-click access to frequently used parts of the application. It speeds up document creation, and makes it faster to input Entourage contacts, access the Address Book, and to review tasks and calendar events set in Entourage or other Office programs.

Office 2001 for Mac went on sale in the UK last Friday. The full version costs £410, an upgrade from Office 98 costs £209. It contains a word processor, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, email client and a personal information manager.

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