PodBrix.com will put a limited quantity of Lego figures of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Woz) on sale tomorrow.

PodBrix recently released its Apple CEO Steve Jobs "Keynote" diorama, sellinjg the complete inventory in just a few hours.

Just 300 units of the new collector's piece will be made available at 9pm EST (2am UK time) on Thursday August 4 (August 5, UK time).

"The Woz Minifig is a hand-signed and numbered limited edition of 300 units. He comes with a pre-assembled Lego backdrop in the appropriate retro computing colors. The reverse of the backdrop displays the limited edition unit number and is signed by Tomi," the creators state.

Each Woz figure will sell for $24.99. More details and product photos will be published on the manufacturer's website when the model goes on sale.