Twelve months since the podcasting phenomenon emerged, almost 15 per cent of US respondents are already tuning-in to the new digital transmissions.

Researchers at CLX note the figure, but warn the mass media attention on the phenomenon may simply be hype, saying: "Despite recent media hype about the growing podcasting phenomenon, less than 15 per cent of US respondents listen to podcasts."

CLX conducted a text-message-based poll, gathering responses from 8,481 text-messaging users. It claims that 85 per cent of those who responded don't listen to podcasts - though 15 per cent do.

Older, richer folk turn to radio on demand

A Google search on the term 'podcast' would have yielded under 1,000 pages in August last year. Today, the same search yields in excess of 17 million pages.

The research shows that: "The two age groups of respondents most likely to listen to podcasts are the 45-55-year-old and the 55-year-old and over groups."

It states that 21 per cent of each of these two groups report listening to podcasts. However, just 13.3 per cent of 15-24-year-olds who responded do so.