Integrated but easy-to-use podcast-creation tools are appearing, as the phenomenon continues to explode.

NotePage has released FeedForAll Mac, a software tool designed to create, edit and publish RSS feeds and podcasts.

The software has a built-in wizard that simplifies creating and maintaining RSS feeds. The software can also automatically repair improperly formatted feeds, and can deal with an "unlimited number" of such feeds.

It supports most new RSS standards, including Apple's iTunes RSS extension. Other extensions like those from Yahoo and Microsoft are also supported.

Integrated tools include spell checking, WYSIWYG HTML editing, and image manipulation. Advanced features include automatic field defaults, Smart PubDates, andexporting to HTML.

The software requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better and 10MB hard disk space. It costs $39.95, a demo is also available.

Publishing opportunity: Podcast guides

As new podcasts appear daily, with Apple featuring upwards of 3,000 transmissions through iTunes, users face an information deficit.

With thousands to choose from, which podcast is the one a user needs?

Signs of an emerging opportunity for guides to what's available include the arrival of the online Podcast Directory. This site offers a regularly updated podcast guide.

The site says: "We had the experience in creating radio databases for PenguinRadio and thought 'hey, this podcasting thing is pretty cool.' So we're working daily on the database of podcasts."

In the UK, the infrequently-updated British Podcasting Corporation has emerged. This offers links to podcasts and resources, and attempts to review existing transmissions.

Finally, podcast addicts on any platform who want to make their first move into publishing can access a wealth of material on the Podcasting Tools website.

This site aims to be a, "comprehensive podcasting resource detailing everything a user needs to know about podcasting".