UK manufacturer PodGear has announced a range of new speaker systems for all iPod models.

The company has unveiled its Pocket Party (a mini speaker system for 3/4G iPods, iPod photos and iPod minis); its PocketParty Shuffle and its Shuffle Station - the first iPod shuffle speaker system.

PocketParty (£24.99) weighs just 38 grams and is around the same size as a mini-Mars bar. It offers 1 watt of stereo output and runs for up to ten hours using a single AA battery. Volume is controlled directly from the iPod. This product is available now.

The PocketParty Shuffle (£24.99) is designed exclusively for the iPod Shuffle. It's technical specifications are the same as the PocketParty. The product ships in late April 2005.

The Shuffle Station (£34.99) is the first external speaker system for the iPod Shuffle. Shuffle Station run from the mains or from 4xAAA batteries, and will also charge the iPod Shuffle over USB. The product ships in late March 2005.

All prices include VAT.