Adam Curry's podcasting network, PodShow, has launched a network for musicians and podcasters, PodSafe.

PodSafe aims to offer podcasters access to music, interviews, content and tools they can employ when building their transmissions. Its launch is being sponsored by Absolut Vodka.

It's a symbiotic service - musicians can use the network to promote themselves, while podcasters can access music they can use.

The service helps meet the need for music that can be used in broadcasts without the restrictions placed on certain music by the recording industry. Musicians will be asked to offer their sounds on a royalty-free basis.

Curry explained: "The PodSafe Music Network is the new alternative to tired radio programming. Anyone can promote an artist. Anyone can create a show, and anyone can become a star."

PodShow co-founder and CEO Ron Bloom said: "By empowering artists and podcasters, we have created the framework for an entirely new form of music promotion and discovery to emerge, and the response has been overwhelming."

PodShow last week secured $8.85 million in venture capital funding.