By Monday evening (GMT), we'll all know what Apple's new product does/looks-like/is-called. But over the last couple of weeks, Macworld has been asking its readers what they'd most like to see Apple release at Macworld Expo San Francisco (January 7-11).

For all the talk of flat-panel LCD-based iMacs, the number-one wish of Macworld readers was a Power Mac G5 – voted for by 31 per cent of those polled. Six per cent of the poll were happy with the thought of a GHz G4 Power Mac.

The long-desired LCD iMac was a close second, with 28 per cent of the vote.

Just 10 per cent of readers wanted Apple to release a new handheld PDA – despite the fervid (but probably clueless) rumour mill currently pointing to such a release.

Even further down the line were a cheaper iPod (6 per cent), flowery iMac (4 per cent), black iBook (3 per cent), OS X as default operating system (2 per cent), and iMovie 3 (1 per cent).

However, 6 per cent of the 3,500 Macworld readers polled are looking forward to seeing "Steve Jobs on stilts".

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