The latest Macworld poll shows that 44 per cent of readers are already using Apple’s next-generation operating system, Mac OS X – although few seem to be running X alone just yet.

Answering Macworld’s question “I’ll update to Mac OS X when…” nearly half of all the 1,300 respondents claimed to be already using OS X.

“I'm using it, but not 100 per cent of the time,” explained one Macworld-poll voter.

“I have it, but only use it for fun in my spare time,” said one reader. “I would like to use it full time, but it needs to be a fully featured OS with IrDA support, external-monitor support and CD-ROM burning,” added another voter who’s started to use the new operating system.

Carbon copies Just over a quarter of all voters (26 per cent) said that they wouldn’t upgrade to the new operating system until their third-party software is Carbonized - that is, when major applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress and Final Cut Pro – are re-coded to take advantage of OS X’s Unix-based benefits.

“There needs to be more applications, and also my Epson 700 printer on my beige G3 has no drivers, and OS X does not recognize the printer port,” complained one voter.

“What is the point of ‘using’ X when Classic holds you back?” asked a disgruntled voter.

“There doesn't seem much point while it keeps having to launch Classic. It’s like running Virtual PC instead of buying Office 2001,” agreed another.

“I hate trade offs, just to look state-of-the-art,” explained one voter.

Speed restriction Many users have complained that OS X’s Finder currently runs a lot slower than that of OS 9, and 8 per cent of voters said they’d wait until X runs faster before upgrading.

“OS X is slow, slow, slow,” complained a reader.

New for new 15 per cent told Macworld that they would start using OS X when they bought a new Mac, saving themselves £99 now that Apple ships all new Macs with both OS 9 and OS X installed.

“I won’t upgrade at home until we upgrade at work,” a reader told Macworld.

A dogged 5 per cent vowed never to upgrade to Mac OS X.

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