Just under half of voters on the recent Macworld poll (2,121 polled) asking “Is Mac OS 9 really dead?” responded that the old operating system survives “for now”.

33% of Macworld readers went further, wishing it “Good riddance!”.

6 per cent were sad to see OS 9 go, with a further 9 per cent saying that they hated OS X.

Comments included: “Still can't do without it!”

“Still waiting for substantial number of software packages to work on OS X.”

“I enjoy both systems, but still find X a little confusing”

“I would never have thought I'd dislike using OS 9 18 months ago!”

“OS X seems a bit slow in comparison to the old classic.”

“I haven't really used Mac OS X (10) much, but I do like the way the folders open up, the colours and the Dock. But, you can do more on Mac OS 9. If you put Mac OS 9 AND Mac OS X on a 800MHz G4 Titanium then you will have the ultimate computer.”

“OS 9 Lives until we get OS X compatible Pro Tools.”

“OS 9 is faster.”

“Would like to go completely OS X.”

“The only thing unfortunate about the death of OS 9 is its interface. Stability, however, is more important. Classic sucks, only dumb people use it.”

“We cannot afford to update all our applications, and OSX does not support our Epson 9000.”

“OS X has great potential, but still feels like 'work in progress'. I'm glad to see the end of OS 9 freezes.

“Who designed X? Disney? Love 9!”

“It ain’t broke; does EVERYTHING I need it to; why change?”

“Buggy, Crashy, OS 9 is dead.”

“People need time to master something new and are often reluctant to part with something they know.”

“Mac OS X is orders of magnitude better than OS 9!! But when will Realplayer realise this?!”

“OS 9 survives for now, but I can't wait to wean myself entirely from it. It still has some features (USB print sharing for one) that OS X still does not support, but overall I'm very happy with the new OS.”