Macworld readers have supported Apple's decision to cancel its only European expo this year, with 51 per cent agreeing that, following the US terrorist attacks, the Paris-based show should not go ahead. However, there was a large (36 per cent) 'No' vote – and significant 11 per cent 'Not Sure' contingent.

Apple Expo 2001 was scheduled to take place at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris from September 26th to 30th, 2001. Yesterday morning would have seen Europe's only keynote address by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Instead, Jobs attended the Seybold 2001 show in San Francisco.

Jobs announced that Apple was cancelling Apple Expo "in the wake of last week’s devastating and tragic events.

“We’re sorry to disappoint our users and developers, but their safety is our primary concern,” he explained.

Apple has also announced that it has postponed its QuickTime Live 2001, which was scheduled to take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, October 8-11, 2001. The rescheduled QuickTime Live Conference will take place February 10-14, 2002 at the same venue.

Grief not business Half of Macworld readers agreed with Apple's decision to cancel the European show.

"I cannot believe that people could think otherwise. Of course they should cancel. It is time for grief not business," commented one Macworld reader.

"Nearly 40% of voters think it's a good idea to risk lives just to show off a few Mac products! Do they not watch the news?" asked another concerned voter.

One reader went so far as to claim that "the Paris Expo would have been an ideal target, so Apple is very right to cancel the show".

"It would be an expensive logistical and PR nightmare to support a Paris show. But Paris was no target," said one voter.

Europe is safe Others countered that Apple's explanation that Paris was unsafe was "weak".

"It was/is a terrible tragedy, but what's so unsafe about Paris for Europeans?" enquired a reader.

"No one needs fly at all. Europeans can catch the train - and easily man the stands," suggested another.

Some readers were angry that – after many years of cancelling shows in the UK, Apple would now have no major show with keynote in the whole of Europe this year.

"How is Seybold in the US safer than Apple Expo in Paris? They're just scared to fly, and we lose out again!" moaned one disappointed voter.

More than a few European readers – used to the daily threat of terrorism - stated their opinion that "cancelling the show is giving in to the terrorists".

"We have to show terrorists that we don't live in fear of their actions. Sympathies, needless to say, with those affected," said one such reader.

Apple is going to take a stand at November's London-based MacExpo, but there will be no keynote address by Jobs or any member of Apple's executive team.

"To support the European customer base, Apple needs to have a large presence at the London Show," reminded one reader.

New poll Instead of at Apple Expo Paris, Jobs used his Seybold stage show to introduce the latest version of Apple's next-generation operating system Mac OS X 10.1. It's faster, more stable and boasts previously missing features. Apple says that 10.1 represents "the time for transition" from OS 9 to OS X.

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