The latest Macworld Online readers poll suggests that almost two thirds of the Mac community will never subscribe to Apple's subscription-based online Web-services suite .Mac.

A total of 58 per cent claim they will never subscribe to the service, while 28 per cent of those polled have already subscribed.

Just 14 per cent remain in two minds over whether to subscribe.

Apple is aiming to lure existing iTools members into buying a .Mac account by extending the deadline to October 14 for them to subscribe.

Most voters opposed Apple's plans to charge $49.95 for iTools members and $99 for new users. ITools was a free service.

One commented: "I've heard all the arguments, but I still think it's outrageous of Apple to make us pay for something which was once free, especially as we pay so much for our computers and OS updates."

"For a previously free service, this takes the biscuit," another said.

Referring to Apple's extended deadline, one respondent said: "Apple just extended the deadline from September 30 to October 14. Isn't this a sign that people are not signing up?"

Another's acerbic retort was: "What next? Is Apple going to break into your house 'relaunch' your keyboard as a new service and say 'well, we noticed that in today's market, other companies are charging extra for keyboard devices, so we’re sure you’ll be happy to be welcomed to the all-new .typey-thing club."