In the recent Macworld Reader Poll (1,179 people polled), 60 per cent of voters demanded Apple retire the PowerPC G3 processor in favour of the G4 – or, even better, the G5.

A healthy 37 per cent of voters wanted Apple to keep the G3 in order to keep consumer-level prices low. 3 per cent didn’t know.

Comments included: “If you don't need Altivec, stick to fast G3.”

“The G4 is priced beyond the reach of many people. G3 allows the rest of us to keep away from Gates.”

“G5 even better.”

“Keep an affordable computer offering similar speeds at a lower cost.”

“I want to get iBook with G4.”

Remember that IBM is a stable company, whereas Motorola is not. IBM’s latest G3 chip is something Apple will not want to miss out on. It would be better for the Mac market if Apple continues good relations so as to avoid the next generation IBM chips going PC. Motorola have proved unreliable at speeds, delivery and financial stability. It could be fatal to put all the eggs in one basket.”

“Time has come to move on!”

“OSX rules, but not on a G3.”

“Mac OS X is the future, the non-AltiVec G3 is history, surely.”

“Most people don't even know what the hell a G4 is, they just think ‘4’ must be better than ‘3’.”

“Apple is never going to be able to fairly compete with wintel until it realises that its computers are too expensive.”

“Progress is essential, keep moving on.”

“G3's still have a lot of life left... anybody voting ‘Yes’ is ignorant!”

“They need to go to G4 AND keep 'em cheap.”

“Not everybody needs OS X. Keep OS 9 and the G3 as an inexpensive educational solution!”

“There is nothing wrong with the G3, so why change? I've been using Macs since LC days, and my first G3 was a source of great wonder. Now I have an iMac DV 400 and a G4 533, and they are both wonderful. Having a G4 does not make me want to lose my G3.”

“There's a lot of people out there who want a cheap computer. We don't all do Photoshop. I'd rather they could buy a cheap Mac, than a crap PC.”

“What's the difference between a digital hub and a hubcap? Answer: the G4 processor. Come on Steve stop teasing us, go all the way and fit one NOW!”

“Motorola as the only supplier? That would be truly insane. IBM's got its Power4 line racked out to speeds, yields, feature densities that Motorola doesn't even understand. They're gibbering idiots at Motorola. The G5 should be an IBM/Apple part, and Moto should be sacked.”

“Put a G4 into an iBook and then Apple will have the ultimate range.”

“I know that the G4 eats more power, but I think people want CPU power more than cooler machines and longer battery life .”

“We must compete with other PC manufactures. The G3 sadly is no longer up to date. Software alone is being optimised for G4s and OS X. Move on or fall behind. No choice really.”

“If production was to be concentrated on G4 chips then the unit cost would reduce - and we would all gain out of this.”

“The iBook case will need to be rebuilt in order to accommodate a G4 processor and fan. It's more than likley that in order to do this there will be a significant weight increase, and I'd rather have a light iBook over a heavy all powerful one.”

“There is a limit to supporting out of date technology.”

“OS X needs G4s to show its true style!”

“G4 RULEZZZZZZ!!!!!!!”

“If it ain't broke…”

“I don't think it would be fair on a large number of people. They have stuck with Apple, and the technology used in high-end G3 computers is not that dated anyway. I think it would be stupid. My girlfriend has a G3 PowerBook, and it can still run all of the latest applications and even games! On the other hand, one could argue who would buy a G3 computer nowadays. But I still feel strongly that it would be a silly mistake by Apple.”

“They can go G4 if they can offer 'cheap' upgrades for iMacs and iBooks, etc”

“Apple need to get back in the market. The average Windows PC has 1.7GHz-2.2GHz P4, and the G3 just doesn't compare to that. The G4 needs to be put across the range, and Apple need those G5 chips and with lots of megahertz, to look as good to those P4!”

“I think it is a good idea to keep a machine or two configured with the slower chip for the short-term. It cannot but help sales and introduce the platform to those with fewer readies.”

“If Apples strategy is formed around OS X, then the G4 processor offers significant benefits to the user experience. Move the G3 to G4, and get the G5 out before September 2002.”

“Never mind ‘Keep 'em cheap’ - if I wanted a cheap interest it wouldn't be computers, that's for sure. As a confirmed technology junkie I cannot condone this clinging to the past. What the hell is holding up those G5s then?”

“The multi-coloured G3 iMac should be kept on as a cheap PC terminal competitor. People liked the colours as part of room and set design, and now they should be able to hit prices to challenge budget PCs. Anyway, the most terminals get used for is word, email and Internet - and I can't see that getting much more processor intensive.”